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U.G.L.Y. Bartender Ultimate U.G.L.Y. Pack

U.G.L.Y. Bartender Ultimate U.G.L.Y. Pack


U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year - The Ultimate U.G.L.Y. Pack

Merchandise for U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year is available exclusively only for registered U.G.L.Y. Bartender Participants only. Please advise your registered venue on each order placed in the notes section or in the address section of the shopping cart.


this pack contains the following items:

1 x U.G.L.Y. large Barmat

25 x U.G.L.Y. Temporary Tattoos

25 U.G.L.Y. Wristbands

1 x pack of U.G.L.Y. Lucky Cards

10 x U.G.L.Y Car Stickers

3 x U.G.L.Y. Engineers Caps

5 x U.G.L.Y. Keyring Bottle openers

5 x U.G.L.Y. Lanyards

5 x U.G.L.Y. Headbands

5 x U.G.L.Y. pens

5 x U.G.L.Y. Stubby Coolers

5 x U.G.L.Y. Bar Blades

1 x 5m length of U.G.L.Y Bunting  


That's great value! 

Show us the Understanding, Generous, Likeable You by purchasing the Ultimate Fundraising Pack and support the Leukaemia Foundation. Sell or raffle these to raise more funds!

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